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January 2016

A Big Win/Win: Protecting Mobile Users While Boosting Revenue

A Big Win/Win: Protecting Mobile Users While Boosting Revenue

Dear Colleague:

The mobile business has probably never been tougher.  Operators today are being hit by challenges from all directions:

  • Costly LTE and bandwidth rollouts have been great for users, but have not contributed to big revenue gains;
  • Traditional voice, SMS, and other IP services are steadily being gobbled up by OTTs;
  • Profitable roaming charges are now being undercut by regulators in some regions; and,
  • New mobile and OTT competitors continue to enter the market.

So how can operators win in today’s brutally competitive climate?

Well, I think the strategy is no different than it’s ever been: the winning operators are the ones who choose and deploy compelling services that boost revenues and profits.

Now certainly having a network technology (3G, LTE, 5G, etc.) that’s better than or equal to that of your competitors is key.  But unfortunately, network investments are planned years in advance.  So in the near term, the only place where product marketers can really influence revenue growth is in value added services.

But there’s a problem: since most value added services are IP-based today, they are quite vulnerable.  OTTs are quite adept at replicating and more cheaply delivering just about any “killer IP service” a mobile operator dreams up.

Real-Time Cloud Services in Mobile

Increasingly mobile operators will turn to the cloud to find compelling services.

These real-time cloud services will leverage a mobile operator’s unique capability to perform in-line network analytics, and then react to events through network policy.

Such in-line cloud services are now emerging in applications such as: content caching at the mobile edge, mobile device security, and enterprise service assurance.

Now Allot Communications commissioned TRI to write a paper I’m going to discuss one such service, a proven, real-time mobile user security service deployed at several global operators:

Network In-Line Malware Blocking & Web Surfing Protection
for Consumers and Small/Medium Businesses

This 10-page paper that you can freely download is entitled: A Big Win/Win: Protecting Mobile Users While Boosting Revenue: The Benefits of Providing a Real-Time Cloud Service in Malware Threat Protection for Consumers & SMBs.

Protecting Mobile Users While Boosting Revenue

Details & Benefits of a Proven Cloud Security Service

The paper discusses what the service entails, the nature of the security threat, its benefits, and the advantages it brings to the operator.  And the paper provides details on:

  • How the service attacks a growing problem: mobile security;
  • Why the time is right for 24/7 mobility protection;
  • How it can boost user satisfaction while also lowering on-going costs;
  • How the service protects the user transparently;
  • Why the service is a money-maker at various global operators;
  • Why the service is economical to maintain;
  • Some keen operating advantages it offers over device-resident software;
  • Why it’s future technology friendly; and,
  • The reasons why the services is essentially OTT-proof.

So follow the link and have a read.  It’s instructive to look at this service — not just for the many benefits it brings to the problem of malware protection — but as representative of many real-time cloud services to come.

Hope you find the paper profitable reading.

Dan Baker
Research Director, TRI

Copyright 2016 Black Swan Telecom Journal


About the Expert

Dan Baker

Dan Baker

Dan Baker is research director of Technology Research Institute (TRI) and editor of the on-line magazines Black Swan Telecom Journal and Top Operator.

Dan is author of the TRI report, Telecom Fraud Management Services, Software and Strategies 2017, featuring commentary by 49 fraud control experts.

He’s now working on a new TRI report entitled: Telecom Wholesale Solutions, Networks and Strategies 2018: North America and Beyond.

This study dives into the dynamic world of carrier data centers, metro fiber, network connectivity, undersea cable, BSS/OSS software, and other solutions powering regional, national, and global infrastructure for cloud, voice, content and enterprise data.   Contact Dan via

Ivo Ivanov

Ivo Ivanov

Ivo A.  Ivanov is Chief Executive Officer of DE-CIX International.  Ivo has more than 15 years experience in the regulatory, legal and commercial Internet environment.  Ivo joined DE-CIX in January 2007.

In recent years, Ivo has been deeply involved in the establishment DE-CIX sites in Istanbul, Palermo, Madrid, Marseille, New York, Dallas, Dubai (UAE-IX powered by

DE-CIX) as well as Mumbai (Mumbai IX powered by DE-CIX), and several DE-CIX consultancy projects in Africa, Asia and Europe.

Ivo has an educational background focused on Law and Business.  Fluent in German, English, Russian and Bulgarian, he graduated from a German business school in 1995 and holds two Law degrees, from the Universities of Sofia (Bulgaria) and Bonn (Germany).

After graduation, he worked as a lawyer, with a focus on e-commerce law, IP law, telecommunications law and data protection law.

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