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October 2017

A Message from the Editor

From the Editor

Dear Colleague,

As editor and publisher, let me tell you a bit about our our business.

In the early 1990s, I learned the syndicated market research business at VDC Research (Natick, MA). Then, along with veteran publisher Stanley Klein of Computer Graphics Review, we founded Technology Research Institute (TRI) as an independent analyst boutique with a focus on telecom software.

Back in 1995, TRI was the first analyst firm to publish research studies on the global telecom billing software market -- one study on “wireline billing” and another on “wireless billing”.

As the years rolled on, we published several B/OSS market studies covering: provisioning/OSS, data warehousing, service assurance, and customer care software.  Then, for a five-year period, I joined Washington DC based Dittberner Associates and became their BSS/OSS research director.

With encouragement from people like Commsrisk's editor, Eric Priezkalns, I launched Black Swan Telecom Journal in 2012 and began writing research reports on fields such as revenue assurance, fraud management, and telecom analytics.  And in 2017, we published a 385-page report entitled, Telecom Fraud Management Services, Software & Strategies featuring commentary from 49 named experts.

Constantly looking out for new publishing opportunities, in the past few years we've explored the international wholesale market and launched Top Operator to monitor wholesale and the activities of mid- to small-sized networks operators and related software/solutions, especially in North America.

Now while the chronology I just described sounds like a smoothly planned evolution, it was anything but that.  Like most small businesses, we’ve had our ups and downs.  We’ve published winning research reports, but also a few duds.  But that's the nature of the tech industry.  You need to take intelligent risks and let fast-failures guide your direction.

What’s sustained us since 1994 is our ability to reach out to industry experts and listen to what they had to say. 

With your help, I get to do what I enjoy most: tap into the minds of telecom’s brightest experts, strategists, and doers... then write about what I learn.

Dan Baker
Editor, Top Operator
Research Director, TRI

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