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August 2013

The Data Center & Cloud Infrastructure Boom: Is Your Sales/Engineering Team Equipped to Win?

The Data Center & Cloud Infrastructure Boom: Is Your Sales/Engineering Team Equipped to Win?

Dear Colleague:

The rush to build enterprise clouds and data centers is an explosive megatrend — and a golden opportunity for solution providers to make money as enterprise IT chases this powerful new paradigm.

But the richest prizes go only to sales and engineering teams who can drive an effective and streamlined requirements-to-design-to-order process.  Many providers face major challenges moving forward:

  • Sales lacks the design knowledge needed to fully qualify prospects;
  • Engineers work with out-of-date product catalogs and inefficiently manage designs across siloed spreadsheets; and,
  • Senior Design Experts are overloaded and don‘t have a means to safely delegate work to less-qualified engineers.

As a result, these providers lose business they should win.  Their designs generally: take too long to complete and quote; lack sufficient accuracy, detail, and options; and can‘t be changed on-the-fly to meet the customer’s price point or last minute requirements.

Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure Paper

Happily, there is a path forward.  The answer is for solution providers to equip themselves with a collaborative solution design platform, a proven way to speed up and synchronize the work of salespeople, engineers, and senior design experts.

So what should you be looking for in such a platform?  Well, getting answers to that question is precisely the goal of a white paper I have authored entitled: The Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure Boom: Is Your Sales/Engineering Team Equipped to Win its Share of the Business?

This 11-page paper, sponsored by Netformx, paints a picture of what an ideal platform looks like.  Armed with that information, you should be better prepared to assess whether a particular platform is right for your team.

After getting multiple briefings and talking to two solution providers using these platforms, I narrowed down the key capabilities of an ideal platform to eight (8) key capabilities.  And so, the paper basically walks you through those capabilities, explaining the sales/engineering problems that each is intended to solve.

The paper is a useful guide for solution providers contemplating such an investment.  Download the paper directly from the Netformx website.

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About the Expert

Dan Baker

Dan Baker

Dan Baker is research director of Technology Research Institute (TRI) and editor of the on-line magazines Black Swan Telecom Journal and Top Operator.

Dan is author of the TRI report, Telecom Fraud Management Services, Software and Strategies 2017, featuring commentary by 49 fraud control experts.

He’s now working on a new TRI report entitled: Telecom Wholesale Solutions, Networks and Strategies 2018: North America and Beyond.

This study dives into the dynamic world of carrier data centers, metro fiber, network connectivity, undersea cable, BSS/OSS software, and other solutions powering regional, national, and global infrastructure for cloud, voice, content and enterprise data.   Contact Dan via

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