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Advertising, Papers, and Byline Columns

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Our editorial mission at TRI is to deliver how-to, industry trend, and case study information of value to a broad range of communications operators. Our stories and research reports help solution providers and operators understand the trends in the dynamic markets we cover.

Our content is delivered through on-line journals that reach particular niches in the communications business. Here they are:

  • Black Swan Telecom Journal, since 2012, has been publishing interviews and stories in the telecom operating software and services, particularly in fields such as revenue assurance, fraud management, and analytics.
  • Our newest publication, Top Operator Journal, launched in 2016, covers the strategies and solutions of interest to wholesalers and competitive operators, especially in North America.

TRI's research reports that analyze a particular industry practice, profile key solution players, and predict market forces at play.  For example, in 2017 we published a 385-page report entitled, Telecom Fraud Management Services, Software & Strategies featuring commentary from 49 named experts.

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Here are three promotion programs we offer through this magazine:

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