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October 2016

Welcome to Top Operator Journal

About the Journal

Top Operator is an on-line magazine and a research focus centered on the solutions and strategies of competitive operators in North America.

Here are the themes that guide our editorial coverage:

  1. A Diverse Market of Small to Mid-Sized Providers — The lines that once divided competitive comms providers – ILEC, mobile, CLEC, cable, managed service provider, OTT – have become blurred.  Many virtual operators, interconnect/wholesale/middle mile players — even energy suppliers – are in the comms provider mix today.  Our mission is to analyze this diverse marketplace and have conversations with the top operators in their niches and the broader solution players serving them.   In this way we’ll figure outWhat’s working in terms of strategies, processes, and systems.
  2. The Comms Market is more than Tier 1 Providers – The large tier 1 comms providers are the darlings of the national and telecom analysat/press corps.  That's only natural, yet the smaller competitive providers remain vital comms ecoystem players.  They also enjoy strong relationships with customers and partners: that gives them certain advantages.
  3. Market Evolution & Success Strategies – The competitive players will certainly consolidate, even as fresh startups emerge to make life more interesting.  And to succeed, competitive providers will often rely on strategies and solutions that are very different from those used by the Tier 1s.
  4. Community of Interest – I was a regular blogger for Billing & OSS World before that magazine folded, and now there’s a serious market intelligence gap because no publication focuses on operating excellence for small/medium sized providers.  We fill that gap by reaching out to the community of experts at the operators, consulting firms, and solutions vendors.
  5. Talk to the Successful Providers– The competitive comms market in North America includes several hundred operators.   We identify, reach out to, and interview the market’s top operators — the smart, innovative comms providers who are growing in their niches and have interesting stories to tell.
  6. “How To” Information – At Top Operator we don’t focus on news but on case studies and stories that explain how operators are succeeding: their strategies, management philosophies, service/support decisions, and the systems they need to drive operating and business excellence.
  7. Target Readers at the Operators – Our readers are people at Tier 2/3 operators and managed service providers who are driving the business and influencing or making strategic investment decisions.   These are key managers in Customer/Network/IT/Engineering roles but also line-of-business managers at the CEO, marketing, and finance levels.   Our editorial cuts through the technical jargon to get at the key issues, benefits, and pitfalls of system investments.
  8. Vendor Sponsored Research – We reach out to solution vendors to get their input and to understand their value-add in the operator market.   And we fund our business through paid- and vendor-sponsored research reports, white paper authoring, and advertising.
  9. Operator Knowledge Sharing – Another cornerstone of our practice is getting operators to open up and share their knowledge and perspective.   We’re also eager to reward operators who help us by sharing the intelligence gathered from our periodic research reports.

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